Begin with “Respect for Humans" rather than tremendous relief.

The framework of respect for human beings is respect for individual members of the organization who faithfully carry out their duties in order to ensure that ship named Tank Korea is able to sail in a small way. It is largely respect for customers, humanity as a whole.

Tank Korea Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of tank lorries made of aluminum alloy. It is the top quality tankerry manufacturing company in Korea with 55% market share in domestic market in this field. Despite its short history, we are confident that we have contributed greatly to the industrial logistics of domestic liquids such as domestic petroleum, petrochemical products and semiconductors, and have contributed greatly to the improvement of logistics for reducing logistics costs.

Iron tanks or stainless steel tank tanks are widely used throughout the country. Most of them are dependent on experience and practice without theoretical background or skills, so they can not cope with rapidly changing logistics environment. It is a fact that it remains. Logistics costs in the high oil price era became important enough to become a measure of the competitiveness of the company, and it became the backdrop for our growth.

Three domestic companies have been competing to secure the market, but we are securing a unique position in the aluminum tanker business with stable production technology and cost reduction through rationalization of the production process. Based on our technological expertise and experience gained through fierce competition, we are preparing for a high value-added special tank market and we are striving to open up existing markets for overseas markets.

Tank Korea Co., Ltd., a company that dreams of tomorrow and does its best for today, is doing its best for the common goal of both the company and its employees. Tank Korea Co., Ltd. waits for the challenge of those who have creative thinking to realize their dreams toward the world.

Thank you.


Autonomous talent

A talented person who creates an environment that actively participates in all things and cultivates personal qualities through excellent self-management

Creative talent

People who pursue change through flexible thinking, provide new and original ideas, and pioneer and prepare new fields.

Challenging talent

Talented people who have a strong desire to achieve goals and who constantly learn about themselves and lead change,

Organizational talent

A warm person who can cooperate with others and strive for harmony among the members of the organization and realize a life of living together with true friendship.


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