• Ideal combination of chassis and tank by product design of finished car concept

  • Development and application of functional parts based on domestic environment

  • Standardization of parts quality and standard to enhance product completeness


  • The highest level of welding technology in Korea

  • Ensure durability based on weight analysis based on tank structure analysis

  • High-quality Betts manhole applied to existing manhole


  • Application of high-grade integrated main valve with patent application maximizing gravity discharge efficiency

  • Control device considering user’s manipulation and visibility

  • Compact type Vapor Vents for easy discharge efficiency


  • Lowest center of gravity in Korea with low center of gravity design ensures excellent driving stability

  • Ensure product safety by increasing tank durability

  • Pipe flow check window (optional) to facilitate safe operation when discharging contents


  • A beautiful tank design with a sense of stability and perfection

  • STS high-quality control box considering ideal balance with sophisticated tank design

  • Our patent-pending dual hose carrier considering product completeness