Company Overview

Company Name
Tank Korea Co., Ltd.
Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do
Date of establishment
May 24, 2004
Business Areas
Manufacture / sale of tank lorries
Oh Dong-hyun
Major exporter
Russia, Pakistan and others

Company History

December 2011

Signed MOU with GTEK Corp. (USA)

Crude Oil T / Trailer 300 units

March 2011

Developed core parts and applied for patent registration

Bottom valve external system

August 2010

20㎘ AL Fuel Tank Lorry Exported to Russia

Three Cylindrical / Eillipticial

May 2010

17㎘ AL Fuel Tank Lorry exported to Russia

Applying BLS (Bottom Loading System)

December 2009

Standardization of production process and establishment of quality management system

Standardize product specifications and build BOM

October 2009

Exported 5,000gls aviation tank to Pakistan

Polygonal / Polygonal-AL 40 units

October 2008

Production of ETFE STS Tank Lorry

Teflon coating

September 2008

Exported 5,000gls aviation tank to Egypt

Polygonal / Polygonal-AL 7 pieces

December 2007

First production of 32 ㎘ AL T / L for VOC in Korea

October 2007

28 ㎘ AL T / L First developed in Korea, followed by 3 axes 8x4


September 2006

Apply to all products


April 2006

Developed polygonal tanks of our own design

Design registration of Korea Intellectual Property Office

October 2005

Chassis 10x4, the largest capacity production in Korea

32㎘ AL T/L

September 2005

Development of 10 ㎘ AL T / L for VOC

Applying BLS (Bottom Loading System)

July 2004

Development of 20 ㎘ and 24 ㎘ AL T / L for VOC

Applying BLS (Bottom Loading System)

May 2004

Started production of AL Fuel Tank Lorry

Cylindrical / Eillipticial 20㎘, 24㎘