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Product Features


  • Ideal combination of chassis and tank by product design of finished car concept
  • Development and application of functional parts based on domestic environment
  • Standardization of parts quality and standard


  • Application of our patented full-scale main valve to maximize gravity discharge efficiency
  • Control device considering user's operation and visibility (general type)
  • Compact type Vapor Vents (light oil) for easy discharge efficiency


  • A beautiful tank design with a sense of stability and perfection
  • High-quality control box of STS material for ideal balance of tank design
  • Our patented dual hose carrier


  • The dimension due to the highest level of welding technology is different from the welding bead
  • Ensure durability based on weight analysis based on tank structure analysis
  • Continuous quality improvement activities to increase tank durability


  • Low center of gravity due to low center of gravity design ensures excellent driving stability
  • Ensure product safety by increasing tank durability
  • Pipe flow confirmation window (optional) to facilitate safe operation when discharging contents

Tank Korea's superior product lineup.

Products Line

Oil type STD
Top-loading products that transport non-VOC materials
Oil type BLS
Products of bottom dropping automation system that transports normal gasoline among VOC
Chemical type STD
Products transporting petrochemical solvents, etc., among VOCs
Chemical type BLS
Products of bottom dropping automation system for transportation of petrochemical solvents
Ensure capacity, design and quality to suit various chemical agent characteristics
Products that are clean and suitable for food transportation such as drinking water, milk, fructose etc.
Low-center-of-gravity design suitable for transportation of waste oil ensures stable running and semi-permanent durability
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[Seoul Economic Daily] Grand Prize for Quality Excellence (June 6, 2016)

Exports more than 50% share of tank … [Seoul Economic Daily] Grand Prize for Quality Excellence (June 6, 2016)   Tank Korea (Representative Oh Dong-hyun, photo) located in Yanggum-myeon, Hwaseong-si, ...
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